Sony Decides to Stop Sleeping With the Enemy; Breaks Off Samsung Partnership

<December 28, 2011> Multiple reports from The New York Times, Reuters, the Nikkei and others say thatSleeping with the Enemy Movie Poster Sony Corp. has decided to pull out of its joint venture with Samsung called S-LCD Corp. Launched in 2004, the JV manufactured LCD TVs in South Korea for both partners and was Sony’s attempt to catch up with the rest of the industry after its disastrous decision to stay with analog sets as everyone else turned to flat panels. Continue reading

At Long Last CEDIA Releases Findings from New Research on CI Market

<December 15, 2011> At the September CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis, the trade association’s CEO, Utz Cover of CEDIA Market Research ReportBaldwin, held a press event in which he announced that the organization was in the final stages of completing a detailed research report on the custom installation market served by its members. Baldwin, who is no longer with the organization, promised a fourth quarter release – and they just made it as they announced today selected data from the report which, interestingly, will not be available for sale in 2011. Continue reading

CEDIA’s First, and Perhaps Only, CEO Leaves the Trade Group

<December 7, 2011> Last Monday, CEDIA, the predominant trade association for the custom integration market, announced that its Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer Utz Baldwin “have agreed on Mr. Baldwin’s departure from CEDIA…” The prepared statement from the group gave no reason for the change but assured members that the Board of Directors “will continue to provide strategic leadership for the organization…”

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Toshiba to Close Three Chip Plants as Demand Slacks for TVs & PCs

Toshiba Logo<November 30, 2011> Toshiba Corporation said today in Tokyo that it will close three of its six factories in Japan producing so-called discrete or single-function chips which are widely used in the electronics business. A very competitive part of the chip business, Toshiba has struggled to maintain profits in this division as competitors such as Samsung put downward pressure on the pricing – and profits – for these chips. Continue reading

Pioneer, Pummeled by Problems, Reveals Revised Recovery Plans

Pioneer Logo<November 30, 2011> On Tuesday, Pioneer Corporation released its revised medium-term business plan designed to rebuild their sales and profits after a tough year of environmental and economic challenges including earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan and Thailand, as well as a global economic slowdown. The company also revised its forecast for the results of the current fiscal year ending March 31, 2012 showing a slightly better outcome than the last revised guidance offered. Continue reading

B&W Announces Retirement of Chris Browder

B&W's Chris Browder Retires

Chris Browder

<November 30, 2011> Bowers & Wilkins, a British manufacturer of loudspeakers sold in the U.S. as well as around the world, announced this Monday that longtime Executive Vice President of B&W North America Chris Browder will be retiring at the end of this year. Browder has been with B&W for 25 years and was part of the team that built their business here in America. Continue reading

Blaupunkt, Under New Ownership, is Back in the U.S. with Car Audio & Headphones

Blaupunkt Website<November 30, 2011> Blaupunkt AudioVision GmbH & Co. KG (Blaupunkt) announced earlier this week that it was re-entering the U.S. market with a line of car audio products and – in a bit of a return to its roots – a line of in-ear and over-ear headphones. But what has not been widely reported is that Blaupunkt is also under new ownership, now under the control of German equity group Aurelius AG based in Gruenwald, Germany. Continue reading

Velodyne Vaults into Direct-to-Consumer Sales Leaving Sales Reps Behind

Velodyne Logo<August 2, 2011> Velodyne Acoustics, Inc. (Velodyne) surprised many in the industry last week by summarily dismissing their independent sales representative force and announcing that they would begin selling Velodyne subwoofers direct to consumers via a new online ecommerce website. The webstore was already open by the time some of the sales representatives received their termination notice. Continue reading

Lenbrook President & CEO Miller: On a Mad Mission? Or Simply Misunderstood?

Lenbrook website<June 1, 2011> Lenbrook America Corporation President and CEO Dean Miller began with an apology. In a May 20th email communication with BEACON editor Ted Green, Miller apologized for his lack of responsiveness, saying that until he read last month’s BEACON he was unaware that attempts had been made by its editors to contact him. Miller, it seems, was on an aggressive two-week spin through Europe to attend a Tivoli event in Italy, a Munich high-end show in Germany, and finally a Lenbrook International distributor show.

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IPRO Prez to the ALERT: Reps Reconceived Remain Really Relevant

IPRO2<May 18, 2011> Shortly after a story appeared in last week’s BEACON about Lenbrook’s decision to terminate its national independent sales force and transition to a direct sales model, we were contacted by David Humphries, president of IPRO, the nation’s most prominent organization of independent sales representatives. Humphries shared with us the organization’s perspective on the Lenbrook decision and the role of the independent rep in today’s industry.

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