More Employers are Investigating Job Candidates by Scanning Their Social Media Posts

CareerBuilder logo<April 18, 2012> Do you and your friends laugh about the picture of you drunk with the lampshade on your head posted by a buddy on Facebook? Do you tweet rants about your former employer on Twitter? Does your Flickr account include pictures of scantily clad members of the opposite sex? It’s time to take a closer look at your online “social” image…especially if you’re in the market for a job…according to new research by CareerBuilder. Continue reading

CEDIA? Oh Yeah, There’s an App for That!

<April 18, 2012> The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) announced on Tuesday that it has launched an App for the iOS, Android, and Blackberry platforms available now. The group says the App brings a variety of key information together – all conveniently available on your favorite mobile device. Continue reading

Best Buy Reveals List of Stores to be Closed

Best Buy Store<April 18, 2012> On Monday, Best Buy revealed the specific store locations it planned to close as previously announced by former CEO Brian Dunn, just days before he unexpectedly resigned under potentially scandalous circumstances. In the wake of reporting disappointing financial results, Dunn had announced – among other things – that the company would shutter 50 of its big box superstores, but did not identify specifically which store locations would close. Continue reading

Waterfall Audio Selects Grace Motif as U.S. Distributor

Waterfall Audio Theater<April 11, 2012> Waterfall Audio, a luxury loudspeaker manufacturer based on the French Riviera, announced today that it has selected Grace Motif of Scottsdale, AZ as its exclusive U.S. distributor. Consistent with Grace Motif’s other lines of high-end, high-design products, Waterfall Audio speakers feature a unique cabinet hand-constructed out of safety glass for a striking appearance. Continue reading

U.S. Dept. of Justice Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple & Five Publishers

<April 11, 2012> The Department of Justice (DOJ) today filed an antitrust civil lawsuit against Apple, Inc. and five major book publishers, alleging that the parties had formed an illegal cabal for the purpose of artificially inflating the price of e-books. The publishers charged in the action were Hachette SA, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin and Simon & Schuster. Continue reading

Key Digital Selects AVAD as the Exclusive Distributor of Its Compass Control System

Key Digital Logo<April 11, 2012> Key Digital Systems, Inc. announced today that it has selected Ingram Micro’s AVAD division as the exclusive residential distributor in the continental U.S. for its Compass Control System. Key’s Compass system is said to be a “plug and play” technology developed to support third party protocols and drivers creating a universe of products from a variety of suppliers they call the Compass Alliance Partners (CAP). Continue reading

Best Buy’s Dunn is Done, But an Investigation into His Personal Misconduct Continues

Best Buy Store Entrance<April 11, 2012> Best Buy Company’s abrupt announcement on Tuesday morning that CEO Brian Dunn, a 28-year veteran of the nation’s top electronics retailer, was leaving the company effective immediately, caught industry and financial analysts by surprise. No one saw it coming although in view of Best Buy’s dismal financial performance, the company’s explanation that it needed new leadership to forge a new strategic direction for the company seemed to ring true. Continue reading

Google Reveals Its Much-Rumored Augmented Reality Glasses

Google Augmented Reality Glasses on Female Model<April 4, 2012> Not content to simply dominate a virtual world, Google has long been rumored to be working on a technology that will allow it to move into the real world. Today, Google revealed the widely-rumored product that it calls “Project Glass.” Project Glass is a technology that uses glasses and micro-projectors to allow it to “augment” your real world by super-imposing images and graphics on the glasses such that the image floats in front of you. Continue reading

The Top Ten Leadership Lessons of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

<April 4, 2012> In an upcoming issue of Forbes magazine, entrepreneur Jeff Bezos will be profiled and Forbes Cover with Jeff Bezosanalyzed as the technology-industry’s leading “philosopher-CEO.” As part of this coverage, Forbes contributor George Anders solicited the rule-breaking CEO’s lessons of leadership. Continue reading

Best Buy Bombed by Wall Street as Word Comes Its Bonds May Get Rated ‘Junk’

<April 4, 2012> Best Buy Co. may be starting to feel a little like Rodney “I don’t get no respect” Best Buy LogoDangerfield as Wall Street reacted strongly to news today that Standard and Poor’s may drop the industry’s largest retailer’s bond rating to “junk” status. As word leaked out, Best Buy’s stock dropped 2.55%, more than twice the rate the overall Dow dropped. Continue reading