Vintage Cars Collide with High Performance Entertainment at McIntosh Listening Experience

<March 14, 2012> McIntosh Audio Labs audio products received great acclaim as they competed with vintage motor cars at the McIntosh Listening Experience the company set up at the Concours d’Elegance. This was the second time McIntosh showed their products at the popular vintage motor car show which took place this past weekend at the Ritz-Carleton on Amelia Island, FL. Continue reading

Select D&M Sales Rep Territories Remain Brand Specific


<March 7, 2012> Last week, Stratecon’s BEACON broke the news about a major overhaul and consolidation of D&M Holdings’ sales representative and distributor network. Later that day, D&M confirmed our initial report, releasing a statement spelling out the substantive, albeit generally described, changes to their sales network. Now the ALERT has discovered that not all of D&M’s rep territories were merged – in select markets, separate sales rep forces are being maintained. Continue reading

Netflix Looks to Partner with Major Cable Company

Netflix Logo<March 7, 2012> Reuters is reporting today that Netflix, once feared as a predator to many in the Cable TV industry, may be more kitten than lion as it seeks to partner with one or more major cable TV providers in offering Netflix as part of its programming package. Once an unthinkable proposition, Reuters says the company is actively pursuing just such an arrangement. Continue reading

Ex-D&M President Weissburg Heads to Gibson Guitar

Gibson Logo<March 6, 2012> Gibson Guitar announced yesterday that it has hired ex-D&M President Bob Weissburg as global executive vice president – a new position at Gibson. Although Weissburg’s focus will likely be their consumer electronics and pro divisions, Gibson says he will be in charge of all divisions at the company – including musical instruments. Continue reading

HTSA Appoints New Director of Marketing

HTSA Logo<March 1, 2012> The Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) announced today that it has created a new Director of Marketing position that it believes will dramatically increase support for HTSA members with dynamic new programs. The new Director of Marketing is Kathleen Marini. Continue reading

D&M Consolidates Sales Force; Some Long-Time Reps Lose Key Lines

D&M Logo<February 29, 2012> Multiple sources are telling the BEACON that D&M Holdings has consolidated their sales representative network, unifying their Denon, Boston Acoustics, and Marantz brands under one representative firm in each territory. Prior to this move, each territory had a Denon/Boston Acoustics representative, and a Marantz representative. So this move effectively cuts their force in half. Continue reading

Thiel Audio Names New Independent Reps in California

<February 29, 2012> Thiel Audio Products Company announced this past Monday that itTHIEL Logo has appointed two new independent sales representative firms in the state of California – one for Northern California and another for Southern California. Both are well known with strong credentials for servicing the specialty and custom integration channels. Continue reading

Pro Group Pulled into Lawsuit

<February 29, 2012> New court documents filed late last week as part of the ongoing lawsuit Soul by Ludacris Headphonesbetween Soul by Ludacris and SOL Republic appear to more deeply entangle one of our industry’s most prominent national retail buying organizations, the Pro Group. Court filings from both sides have ignited a controversy in which certain Pro Group members appear to make a claim that is contradictory to one by the Pro Group Executive Director David Workman. Continue reading

CE Shipments in Japan Drop Almost 34%, The Sixth Straight Month of Decline

<February 22, 2012> Shipments of consumer electronics products in Japan destined for domestic consumption dropped an amazing 33.9% for the month of January according to data from the Japan Electronics  and Information Technology Industries Association. Continue reading

Can a Court Decide Who Has Soul…or Sol? We’re Going to Find Out

<February 22, 2012> Dealerscope reported on its website today that Signeo, the company that markets primarily headphone products under the brand Soul by Ludacris or “Soul,” has filed a trademark lawsuit against Sol Republic, Inc. who markets primarily headphone products under the brand “Sol.” At the root of the case is consumer confusion over the marketing of competing products that are similar in design and price containing one word brands…that are pronounced phonetically to sound identical. Continue reading