CE Week: Motorola Says a Smart Home Needs a Smart Safe

Motorola Smart Safe at CE Week

Smart home and security solutions were all over CE Week last month in Manhattan at the Jacob Javits Center. One solution I saw that hits both of those markets was the cleverly designed Smart Safe by Motorola. Didn’t think you needed your really dumb safe to be smart? Didn’t think you needed a safe at all? You may rethink all that when you hear Motorola’s pitch for their Flex and Bolt Smart Safe.

Why a Motorola Smart Safe…

What’s Motorola doing in the safe business, you ask? Motorola COO and General Counsel Jeffrey Padilla told us the company first began looking at ways to help the country with its burgeoning opoid problem. As more people became addicted to opoids, they became subject to theft from people who had legitimate reasons to have the drugs in their possession.

It became clear that Dad, while recuperating from chronic pain from a recent traffic accident for which he takes opoid pain killers, needed a way to make sure the younger members of his family weren’t exposed to his prescription. If only he had a quick and easy way to keep his pill bottle in a safe and secure place.

A Safe & Secure Place for Valuables

The Smart Safe is that safe and secure place. An Internet connected, app-enabled, safe that will send you smart notifications on its status. Measuring 6″ h x 12.8″ w x 3.4″ d, it’s small enough to make it easy to find an appropriate space for the safe, but it large enough to hold those valuables you need protected.

Jeffrey Padilla of Motorola showing smart safe
Jeffrey Padilla, Motorola COO & General Counsel with the Smart Safe [Click to enlarge]

The Smart Safe connects to your home’s existing Wi-Fi and offers three ways to gain entry – by key, by coded combination, or by app. There are two versions of Motorola’s Smart Safe – the more permanent Bolt, designed to be screwed to a wall or into a cabinet; and the Flex which comes with clever “wings” that extend out from the body to be wedged into an appropriately sized space and then locked in place.

65% of Burglaries Take Place During the Day

Motorola notes that in 2017, there were more than 7.5 million property crimes reported in the US. Of this total, more than 18% of these crimes were burglaries…and of those, 65% took place between the hours of 6am – 6pm while the homeowners were away at work or school.

A simple to install safe (tool-less in the case of the Flex) would be the ideal place to keep pill bottles, passports, excess cash, keys, jewelry, etc. Not only that, but Smart Safe – when used in conjunction with the available iOS or Android app – will send you notifications if the safe has been tampered with or otherwise opened. It has sensors, including an accelerometer, built-in for motion, vibration, shock, and three-axis tilt detection. Any change in state is immediately sent to your attention via a notification on your smartphone.

24/7 Remote Monitoring and Even Remote Opening

You can monitor your Smart Safe 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Need to give someone temporary access, say for locked up car keys? You can open the Smart Safe with your app remotely. You’ll know when the safe has been opened…and then re-closed.

Motorola FLex Smart Safe at CE Week
This is Motorola’s Flex version of the Smart Safe. You simply turn the crank in the safe to extend the wings off either side to fit into an appropriate space. If anyone tampers with it, you get an instantaneous Notification alerting you… [Click to enlarge]

Made of a tough plastic material, Motorola says Smart Safe is shatter resistant…and if anyone tries to tamper with it…you’ll know right away, so you can alert the appropriate authorities. In addition to homes, the Smart Safe is the perfect solution for apartment dwellers, especially those with roommates. Same with dorm rooms or anywhere you’re in a “shared space.

Motorola Smart Safe app
Padilla shows me the Smart Safe app [Click to enlarge]

Smart Safe Pricing & Availability

Both of Motorola’s Flex and Bolt Smart Safes will be available in August 2019 for a suggested retail price of $129.

Padilla told us that sometime late this year or early next year, the company plans on offering a larger “XL” version for those who need a larger secure space for bigger items, like laptops for example.

To learn more about Motorola Smart Safe, visit: motorola.com/us/smartsafe.

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